Al-Munqadh Min ad-Dalal – Deliverence from Error ( Urdu Audio Book ) By Shaykh Imam Muhammad Ghazali (r.a)

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“Al-Munqadh Min ad-Dalal” or “Deliverence from Error” by Imam Ghazali (1055-1111) is the spiritual autobiography of one of the greatest thinkers, spiritual transformer, and reformer of human history. This is the audio book of the Urdu translation of this great book. Original book in PDF format can be found in in Imam Ghazali’s collection of short books called “Majmu’a Rasa-il Imam Ghazali”. In this book Imam Ghazali explains his spiritual transformation and what factors led to that. It is a source of great inspiration and a roadmap for our own spiritual journeys and transformations.

Individual Files

Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
01 – Deliverance from Error – Introduction to the Audio Book 3.3 MB  4.1 MB 
02 – Deliverance from Error – Part 1 3.4 MB  4.1 MB 
03 – Deliverance from Error – Part 2 33.0 MB  40.4 MB 
04 – Deliverance from Error – Part 3 1.9 MB  2.4 MB 
05 – Deliverance from Error – Part 4 – Way of the Awliya 31.3 MB  38.4 MB 


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