Musaddas – e – Hali ( Urdu Audio Book ) By Shaykh Altaf Husain Hali (r.a)

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 “Musaddas-e-Hali” or “Madd-o-Jazr-e-Islam” written by Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali in 1886 A.D. (1303 A.H.) is an epic Urdu poem on the rise and fall of Islam written in the backdrop of the defeat in the War of Independence in 1857 A.D. that heralded the British colonial rule of India. This beautiful, simple, and long poem traces the history of Islam in the pre-Islamic days of ignorance all the way till the situation today, analyzes the root causes of the situation, and prescribes medicines to remedify it today. The poem flows with tremendous ease and clarity and is one of the best treasures of Urdu poetry. It is now available for the first time in audio book recited in narrative form as oppossed to being sung. The poem begins with a glorious introduction by one of the greatest scholars of the subcontinent Allama Syed Sulaiman Ahmed Nadvi who is renowed for his Prophetic Seerah book “Rahmatul-il-Aa’lameen”.

English PDF – HERE


Individual Files

Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
01 – Musaddas-e-Hali – Introduction by Allama Syed Sulaiman Ahmed Nadvi 9.4 MB 11.6 MB
02 – Musaddas-e-Hali – Part 1 6.7 MB 8.1 MB
03 – Musaddas-e-Hali – Part 2 16.1 MB 19.7 MB
04 – Musaddas-e-Hali – Part 3 18.8 MB 23.1 MB
05 – Musaddas-e-Hali – Part 4 19.3 MB 23.6 MB
06 – Musaddas-e-Hali – Part 5 14.2 MB 17.5 MB


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