Mathnavi Vol 1-2 ( Urdu Audio Book ) By Maulana Room (r.a)

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 (Volumes 1 & 2 of 6) Maulana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi and more popularly in the English-speaking world simply as Rumi (1207-1273 A.D.), was a 13th-century Persian Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi saint. Rumi died in Qonia which is in present day Turkey where his tomb is still thronged by admirers from all over the world. Rumi had been immensely popular in Asia and have now become, since around 1998 A.D., the best selling poet in America. Rumi’s importance is considered to transcend national and ethnic borders and he is today a truly international phenomena. His poems have been widely translated into many of the world’s languages and transposed into various formats. Rumi’s family hailed from Balkh in present day Afghanistan that eventually settled in present day Turkey. Rumi was initially a religious scholar and theologian (a Hanafi Mufti/jurist) who underwent a great spiritual transformation at the hands of a wandering Muslim saint named as Shaykh Shams Tabraizi who received a Divinely inspired spiritual intuition to go to Rumi and be a catalyst of Rumi’s spiritual transformation into intimacy with the Divine. As a result of this profound transformation, Rumi became the “Qutub al-Muhabba” or the “Pole of Divine Love”. His greatest book is “Mathnavi” (complete name “Mathnavi-e-Ma’navi” or “Couplets with Deep Inner Meanings”) which is a 6 volume collection of spiritual poetry in Persian (with Arabic verses widely dispersed in it) imbued with Divine love which by his own admission was Divinely inspired. Mathnavi is the world famous collection of mystical/spiritual poetry steeped in Divine love and gnosis. The themes in Mathnavi are directly inspired by Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). These themes are beautifully explained in parables and stories in a heart-warming way.

Individual Files

Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
000 – Introduction to the Audio Book of the Urdu Translation and Explanation of Mathnavi by Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi 3.7 MB
100 – Mathnavi Volume 1 Introduction by Urdu Translator Qazi Sajjad Hussain – Part 1 25.9 MB 34.0 MB
101 – Mathnavi Volume 1 Introduction by Urdu Translator Qazi Sajjad Hussain – Part 2 24.2 MB
102 – The Lament of the Soul for Being Cut Off from its Origin – Story of a King Who Fell in Love with a Slave Girl and She Getting Sick and King Trying to Save Her Life – In Desperation King Turned to True Healer 22.4 MB
103 – Healer Requesting Seclusion with Slave Girl to Find Real Cause of Her Illness – Finding and Dealing with Goldsmith on Divine Instruction – Story of Shopkeeper and Parrot and Breaking Bottles of Oil by Parrot 19.3 MB
104 – Difference Between a True Saint and a False Claimant and Between Truthful and Liar – Story of the King Who Killed Christians due to Prejudice and Hate – Kings Ministers Plotting to Sow Turmoil in Christians 17.7 MB
105 – Kings Secret Message to the Conniving Minister – There is no Difference in Reality of Divine Path but Only in Approaches – Ministers Great Loss for Sowing Turmoil – Minister Adopting Solitude as a Strategy 16.6 MB
106 – Disciples Again Urged Minister about Seclusion and He Disappointing Them – Minister Secretly Appointing 12 Tribal Chiefs as Deputies then Killing Himself – All Prophets are True We dont Differentiate Among T 20.8 MB
107 – A Cruel King Throwing a Baby in Fire and Baby Talking to Mom from Fire – King getting Mad at Fire for not Burning – Story of Storm Destroying the Nation of Prophet Hud – Abondoning Efforts for Trust in God 23.8 MB
108 – Lion Preferring Effort Over Mere Trust in God Without Actions and Wesk Animals Preferring Trust Over Effort – Angel of Death Staring at a Man Who then Ran to Prophet Solomon in Fear 26.2 MB
109 – Rabbit Arriving Late to Meet with Lion Who Became Furios at the Delay that was a Clever Strategy of the Rabbit – Rabbit Apologizing to Lion for Coming Late and Explaining Reason 30.3 MB
110 – Lion Looking into the Well and Seeing His Own Image – Rabbit Going Back to Animals to Give the Goods News that Lion Jumped into the Well – Returning from Small Struggle to Big One 30.5 MB
111 – Prophet Adam Attributing His Wrongdoing to Himself and Satan Attributing His Wrongdoing to God – Roman Emperors Emissary Asking Caliph Umar about Soul – Parrot and Its Owners Trip to India 29.8 MB
112 – Trader Telling the Parrot What He Saw in India – Parrot Listening to What a Parrot in India did and Dying After that and Owner Weeping Over it – Explanation of Hakeem Sinais Statement 26.8 MB
113 – Trader Throwing Out Dead Parrot from Cage and Parrot Flying Away – Saying Goodbye and Advicing – Harms of Prestige and Fame – Meaning of What God Wills Happens and What He Does not Will Does not Happen 31.7 MB
114 – Aisha RA Questioning Prophet Muhammad PBUH Reason Why His Clothes Did not Get Wet in Rain and His Response – Heaven of the Soul Per Hakeem Sinai – Story of Caliph Umar and Old Musical Instrument Player 28.7 MB
115 – Caliph Umar Turning Old Man from Station of Weeping to the Station of Immersion in Divine Beauty – 2 Angels Praying Everyday O God Grant Great Recompense to One Who Spends in Your Way and Restrain Miserly 30.2 MB
116 – Story of Desert Arab Womans Argument with Her Husband and He Accepting Her Request to Search for a Livelihood – Explanation of Prophet Moses and Pharoah Being Subjected to Same Will of God 32.4 MB
117 – Desert Arab Agreeing to His Wifes Demand for Earning And She Suggesting a Way – He Collecting Rain Water from a Ditch in Desert in a Clay Pot to Present to Caliph Thinking there is Drought in the Capital 31.4 MB
118 – Caliph Accepting Lowly Present Despite Not in Need of it and Granting Great Rewards in Return – Explanation of Spiritual Guide and Following Him – Prophet Muhammads Advice to Ali for Seeking Closeness of God 36.3 MB
119 – A Friend Inviting a Friend After Finishing His Training – Listeners Lack of Attention Main Reason to Stop Talk – Prophet Noah Warning His Nation that He is the Veil of God and His Actions are God-s Actions 36.4 MB
120 – Angels Harut and Marut Gloating Over their Purity Wanting World Governance and Getting into Tribulation – A Deaf Visiting a Sick Neighbor Who Got Upset with Him -Competition Between Roman and Chinese Artists 36.3 MB
121 – Wisdom of Luqman – Prophet Muhammad Asking Zaid to Explain His Spiritual State Then to Keep it Secret – Story of Restoration of Solomon-s Kingdom – Ali Throwing Away Sword When a Combatant Spit on His Face 33.3 MB
122 – Caliph Ali Explaining the Reason of Throwing Away His sword – Prophet Adam Expressing Surprise at the Misguidance of Satan Then Feeling Proud of Himself – Ali Forgiving His Slave Who will Kill Him in Future 26.7 MB
200 – Mathnavi Volume 2 Introduction by Urdu Translator Qazi Sajjad Hussain 22.7 MB
201 – Reason for Delay in Starting Volume 2 – A Man Thought His Imagination to be Moon During Caliph Umar Time – One Snakecharmer Stealing Another Snakecharmers Snake – Helper of Jesus Asking to Bring Dead to Life 25.8 MB
202 – God Consulting with Angels Before Creating Creations – Stopping Narrations Because Listeners Focus is on Outward Look Not Internal Meaning -Servant Promising to Look After Riding Animal then Breaking Promise 21.0 MB
203 – King Finding Lost Hawk in Home of an Old Lady – Shaykh Khuzrawiya Buying Sweets for Loan Owners After Inspiration from God – Man Trying to Make a Pious Man Afraid of Blindness due to Weeping in Love of God 22.5 MB
204 – A Villager Petting a Lion in Dark Thinking its a Cow – Sufis Selling Donkey of a Fellow Traveller Sufi to Have a Musical Gathering – Judge Sending Announcers all Over Town to Advertise Poverty of a Poor 24.3 MB
205 – In Supplication and Entreaties to God – Marriage of If and But Resulting in the Birth of a Child Named Alas – People Condemning a Man Who Killed His Own Mother Due to a Blame 24.0 MB
206 – King Testing the 2 Newly Bought Slaves – King Sending off One Slave and Asking Second Slave Questions Who Sweared About the Truthfulness and Honesty of the First Slave Due to His Good Opinion of Him 30.1 MB
207 – King Asking Again About the Other Slave – Slaves Getting Jealous With a Particular Slave – A Hawk Getting Trapped by Owls in a Deserted Place 26.9 MB
208 – A Hawk Getting Trapped by Owls in a Deserted Place Continued – Thirsty Throwing Rocks in the Stream from Top of a Wall – Ruler Asking a Man to Remove a Thorny Bush He Plan on the Road and He Making Excuses 22.7 MB
209 – Dangers of Postponing Good Deeds to Next Day – Similitude of Water Calling Impures to Purity – Friends Arriving at Mad House to Visit and Console Saint Dhun Noon Misre 21.2 MB
210 – Friends Thinking that Saint Dhun Noon Misre has not Become Crazy and He is Only Pretending on Purpose – Returning to Story of Dhun Noon Misre – Luqmans Master Testing His Intelligence and Unveiling of it 29.0 MB
211 – Reflection of Honor and Respect of Prophet Solomon on Heart of Queen Bilqees Through an Insignificant Hudhud Bird – Qurans Verse If Your Water Goes Beneath the Earth then Who Other Than God Can Bring it Back 28.2 MB
212 – Divine Revelation Arriving on Prophet Moses to Apologize to Shepherd – Prophet Moses Asking God The Reason for Dominance of Cruel People – A Leader Putting a Man Through Hardship in Whose Mouth Snake Entered 29.6 MB
213 – A Man Trusting the Conceit and Loyalty of a Bear – A Blind Begger Telling People He Has 2 Blindnesses -Prophet Moses Questioning a Worshipper of Calf About What Happened to His Understanding and Intelligence 27.0 MB
214 – Remaining Story of Man Being Deceived by Conceit of the Bear – Prophet Muhammad PBUH Visiting a Sick Companion and Benefits of Visiting Sick -Revelation on Moses by God Why Didnt You Visit Me When I was Sick 25.4 MB
215 – Prophet Muhammad PBUH Finding Out the Rootcause of Companions Sickness as Being His Lack of Etiquette in Supplicating God – Man Getting Saint to Talk Who Pretended to be a Madman-Dog Attaching a Blind Begger 25.9 MB
216 – Remaining Story of Prophet Muhammad Advising His Companions About His Illness – Harshness of Punishment of Hereafter – Mention of Prophet Moses Nation and His Embarrasment-Having Faith in Destiny Good or Bad 25.2 MB
217 – Satan Replying to Caliph Muawiya a Second Time and He responding Back Again – Muawiya Treating Satan Harshly – Muawiya Supplicating To God in Humility to Save Him from Satans Deceit and Finding Real Reason 29.4 MB
218 – Owner About to Catch a Thief When Someone Called on Allowing Thief to Escape – Hypocrites and their Building of Masjid Darar – Hypocrites Trying to Deceive Prophet Muhammad and He not Revealing their Deceit 27.6 MB
219 – Explanation of Benefits of Story of Man in Search of His Camel – Every Self Has Tribulation of Masjid Darar – Story of an Indian Quarelling With His Friends for Being Wrong While He Himself Was Wrong 30.9 MB
220 – A Kid Fearing a Big Heavy Man Who Told Kid He is not a Real Man – An Archers Story Who Tried to Shoot Arrow on a Rider Going into Forest -A Desert Arab Filling a Bag with Sand and a Wise Man Reprimanding Him 26.0 MB
221 – A Stranger Accusing a Spiritual Guide and His Disciple Responding to it – Remaining Story of Saint Ibrahim Adham on the River Bank – Aisha RA Asking Prophet Muhammad Why He Prays on Land Wherever He Goes 30.1 MB
222 – Miracles of the Saint Who was Accused of Theft in the Ship – Sufis Accusing a Fellow Sufi in Front of a Spiritual Guide Who Ate and Talked a Lot – Reality for Man of Truth and Others Being Remote from it 27.2 MB
223 – Purpose of Stories of Candle and Moth and Nightingale and Flowers – Falsehood Impressing the Hearts of People of Falsehood – End of Enmities Among People of Madina Through the Blessing of Prophet Muhammad 35.0 MB

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