Mathnavi Vol 3-4 ( Urdu Audio Book ) By Maulana Room (r.a)

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(Volumes 3 & 4 of 6) Maulana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi and more popularly in the English-speaking world simply as Rumi (1207-1273 A.D.), was a 13th-century Persian Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi saint. Rumi died in Qonia which is in present day Turkey where his tomb is still thronged by admirers from all over the world. Rumi had been immensely popular in Asia and have now become, since around 1998 A.D., the best selling poet in America. Rumi’s importance is considered to transcend national and ethnic borders and he is today a truly international phenomena. His poems have been widely translated into many of the world’s languages and transposed into various formats. Rumi’s family hailed from Balkh in present day Afghanistan that eventually settled in present day Turkey. Rumi was initially a religious scholar and theologian (a Hanafi Mufti/jurist) who underwent a great spiritual transformation at the hands of a wandering Muslim saint named as Shaykh Shams Tabraizi who received a Divinely inspired spiritual intuition to go to Rumi and be a catalyst of Rumi’s spiritual transformation into intimacy with the Divine. As a result of this profound transformation, Rumi became the “Qutub al-Muhabba” or the “Pole of Divine Love”. His greatest book is “Mathnavi” (complete name “Mathnavi-e-Ma’navi” or “Couplets with Deep Inner Meanings”) which is a 6 volume collection of spiritual poetry in Persian (with Arabic verses widely dispersed in it) imbued with Divine love which by his own admission was Divinely inspired. Mathnavi is the world famous collection of mystical/spiritual poetry steeped in Divine love and gnosis. The themes in Mathnavi are directly inspired by Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). These themes are beautifully explained in parables and stories in a heart-warming way.

Individual Files

Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
300 – Mathnavi Volume 3 Introduction by Urdu Translator Qazi Sajjad Hussain 12.8 MB 13.8 MB
301 – Start of Volume 3 – God is the Real Power that Powers Everything that Exists – Story of People Who Ate Elephants Baby Due to Greed by Disregarding Right Advice – Returning to the Story of Eleplants Babies 25.8 MB
302 – Mistakes of Lovers in Front of Beloved is Better than Right Things in Front of Strangers – God Ordering Prophet Moses to Call Upon Him from a Mouth that has not Sinned – Invoking God and God Saying I am Here 26.5 MB
303 – Remaining Story of People of Saba in Yemen – Returning to City Dweller Visiting Village on Repeated Invitations of the Villager – People of Zarwan Plucking Fruits Secretly to Avoid Giving Charity to Poors 21.6 MB
304 – City Dweller and His Family Travelling to Village – Majnun Rewarding the Dog Who Lived in Lailas Neighborhood – City Dweller and His Family Arriving in the Village and Their Friend Refusing to Even Know Them 22.2 MB
305 – A Jackal Falling into Container of Colors and Getting Colorful Then Claiming to be a Peacock – A Bragger Greasing Moustache and Lips and Claiming to Eat Delicious Meals-Pharoah Trying to Stop Advent of Moses 21.8 MB
306 – Pharoah Returning Back Happily After Separating Israelite Men from Women On Forecasted Night of Conception of Savior of Israelites – Imrans Wife Conceiving Moses on that Night-Pharoah Fearing Signs of Advent 25.8 MB
307 – Story of Snake charmer Who Thought of Frozen Python as Dead and Brought it to Baghdad Tying it with Ropes and Ensuing Catastrophy -Pharoah Threatening Moses and His Response-Pharoah Asking for 40 Day Respite 23.2 MB
308 – Dead Magician Responding to His Sons – Comparing Quran with Staff of Moses Death of Prophet Muhammad with Sleep of Moses Those Opposing Quran with 2 Magician Boys Who Tried to Steal Mosess Staff When Asleep 25.1 MB
309 – Prophet Noah Calling His Son To Save from Drowning and He Refusing Saying He Will Climb Mountain to not Take His Favor-Astonishment is Preventer of Debate and Contemplation – Lover Reading Letter to Beloved 25.4 MB
310 – Story of Man at time of Prophet David who Beseeched God to Give Him Sustenance Without Work – A Cow Came Running into Home of Man Who Beseeched with Humility and Prophet Muhammad Saying God Loves Humility 23.9 MB
311 – Story of a Worshipper of God Living on a Mountain Who Vowed to Not Eat from Fruit Trees There Unless Fruits Fall by Wind -Hunger Forcing Him to Break Vow and its Consequences-Miracles of Saint Without 1 Hand 25.7 MB
312 – Saint Explaining Reason for Not Weeping Over Demise of His Child – A Blind Saint Gaining Sight at Time of Reciting Quran by Command of God-Luqman Exercising Patience On Seeing Prophet David Making Iron Armor 21.3 MB
313 – Returing to Story of Saint Daquqi – Prophet Moses Searching for Khizr Despite Prophethood and Intimacy of God -7 Intensely Luminous Lit Up Candles on Shore That Became 1 Then Became 7 Trees Then Became 7 Men 30.0 MB
314 – Mysterious Beings Following Saint Daquqi in Prayers – Salutations on Right Due to Awe of God and Seeking Help and Intercession from Prophets-Saint Daquqi Hearing Pleas of Help from Passengers of Sinking Ship 24.5 MB
315 – Two Parties Taking Their Dispute to Prophet David – David Listening to Arguments of Both Parties and Questioning the Litigant – Decision Against Defense for Slaughtering Cow – Defense Beseeching God for Help 23.3 MB
316 – People Leaving Town to go Towards Tree – After Proving Guilt of Accuser Prophet David Ordering Death Penalty for Murderer – Self is Like Accuser Accused Like Intelligence and David is Like Spiritual Guide 30.1 MB
317 – Prosperity of City of Saba and Their Ungratefulness to God – Advent of Prophets to Counsel People of Saba – People Asking for Miracles and Accusing Prophets-Rabbits Sending 1 to Elephants as Emissary of Moon 23.5 MB
318 – Story of a Thief Who was Asked What He Was Doing by Wall Late at Night and He Said He was Beating Drums – Story of Rabbit Narrated by Rejectors of Prophets and Their Response -Meaning of Firmness and Example 25.1 MB
319 – Prophets Re-responding to People of Saba – Wisdom Behind Creating Jail in This Life and Hell in Next Life – God Creating Kings to Subjugate Arrogants Who Dont Subjugate to God Like Moses Making a Small Door 30.7 MB
320 – Story of Anas Bin Malik RA Putting His Serving Mat in Oven That Did not Burn it – Pleas of Caravan Dying of Thirst Reaching Prophet Muhammad and His Miracle of Filling All Water Containers with 1 Container 33.1 MB
321 – Rooster Shamed in Front of Dog After 3 Promises Turned Out to be False – Rooster Giving News of Owners Death – Owner Running Towards Moses After Hearing about His Death – Moses Praying for Safety of Faith 25.0 MB
322 – Way to Prevent Deception in Business – Bilal RA Dying in a State of Happiness and Spiritual Ecstasy – Similitude of World That Appears Wide But in Reality Constricted and of Dream a Relief from Constriction 27.7 MB
323 – Affirmation and Negation Simultaneously for Same Thing – Matter of Spiritual Subsistence and Annihilation in Divine Reality for a Perfected Saint -Story of Rulers Lawyer Who Ran Away but Love Made Him Return 27.7 MB
324 – Lover Responding to Critics with Carelessness Due to Intense Love – Lover Leaving for Bukhara – Arriving There After 10 Years and Friends Warning Him About Dangers of Return and His Response to Them 26.0 MB
325 – Locals Trying to Stop the Traveller from Sleeping Overnight in a Deserted Place of Worship – Satan Pursuading Quraish Tribe to War Against Prophet Muhammad and Escaping During the Combat-Traveller to Critics 26.7 MB
326 – Similitude of Believer Running Away Perturbed and Impatient to Boiling Chic Peas that Rise up in Pot to Jump out and Cook Restraining them in Cooking Pot – Knowing Secrets of Tribulations Reason for Patience 28.0 MB
327 – Remainder of Story of Traveller and Place of Worship that Perished Travellers – Magic Voice Reaching Traveller in Middle of Night – Lover Meeting Beloved – Every Matter Pulling its Own Type in Human Makeup 27.7 MB
328 – Explanation of Verse-If you Sought Victory then You will be Victorios- Critics Asked God to Help Whoever is Right Between Them and Muhammad Because They Thought They were Right But Muhammad Became Triumphant 28.3 MB
329 – Prophet Solomon Ordering Mosquito to Present Defendent Wind in His Court of Law – Beloved Showering Blessings on Lover to Bring Back into Consciousness -Lover Regaining Consciousness and Turning to Gratitude 27.7 MB
400 – Mathnavi Volume 4 Introduction by Urdu Translator Qazi Sajjad Hussain 13.2 MB
401 – Zia ul Haqs Spiritual Illumination Cause of Luminosity of Mathnavi – Remainder of Story of Lover who Ran Away from Judge into a Garden and Found Beloved There Then Prayed for Judge and God Saying in Quran 29.1 MB
402 – Wife Saying She is not Worried About Dowry and Purpose is Righteousness and Sufi Responding to Secret – Purpose of Calling God Seer Hearer and Knower-Example of World to Furnace Rich to Workers Piety to Bath 21.9 MB
403 – A Man Asking Caliph Ali if you Trust in Gods Protection then Junp Off a High Castle and Ali Responding to it – Prophet David Wanting to Build Mosque of Mount Temple Before Solomon but Stopping from Doing it 29.0 MB
404 – About Philosophers Saying Man is a Small Universe and People of God Saying Man is a Big Universe Because Philosophers Knowledge is Based on Outer Appearance of Man While Theirs is Based on Inner Reality 25.6 MB
405 – A Spiritual Traveller Seeing Saints in Dream then Requesting Them for Sustenance without Work as it Prevents Worship and Saints Leading him to Bitter Mountain Fruits that Became Sweet Due to their Prayers 24.3 MB
406 – Remaining Story of Saint Ibrahim Adham – Remaining Story of People of Saba and Solomon Guiding Queen Bilquiss Subjects According to Their Faith and Heart and Catching Bird of Each Heart Through its Own Voice 23.9 MB
407 – Haleema Informing Muhammads Grandfather About Losing Him and He Searching for Him All Over City and Pleading to God at Door of Kaaba and Hearing a Voice Finding Him – Solomon Building Mosque at Mount Temple 23.2 MB
408 – Poet Returning After Few Years on Hope of Kings Generosity who Ordered 1000 Gold Coins and New Minister who took over after Death of Minister Having Same Name Advising King to Significantly Reduce the Reward 19.3 MB
409 – Qabeel Learning Occupation of Digging Grave from a Crow Before This Knowledge Came into World -Story of Sufi in Meditation in Garden with Head on Knees and Friends Telling Him to Raise Head to See Gods Signs 29.3 MB
410 – Prophet Muhammad Saying that God Created Angels Put Intelligence Created Animals Put Desires Created Man Put Intelligence and Desires in Him So in 1 if Intelliegnce Superseded Desires is Better than Animals 25.0 MB
411 – Explaination of Verse from Quran Saying Moses Had Fear in His Heart and God Told Him Not to As Certainly Has the High Ground – Remaining Story of Servant Writing Rudely to King For Increase in Sustenance 23.8 MB
412 – Saying of Saint Bayazid Bustami Similar to Saying of Prophet Muhammad PBUH I am Finding the Breath of God from Yemen – Saint Abul Hasan Kharqani Born on the Same Date Predicted by Bayazid After His Death 25.9 MB
413 – Prophet Muhammad Appointing a Young Man to Leadership Role in Presence of Old and Experienced and One Man Objecting to it and Prophet Response-Saint Bayazid Saying Supreme is My Glory and Disciples Objecting 24.2 MB
414 – Signs of Complete and Partial Intelligence and Complete and Incomplete Human Being and of Non-Existing Arrogant and Unfortunate – Story of 3 Fish in a Pond 1 Intelligent 1 Partially Intelligent and 1 Stupid 23.4 MB
415 – Explanation of Construction being Embedded in Destruction Peace of Heart in Worries Correctness in Wrongness Success in Failure Existance in non-Existence and Deduce the Other Opposites and Pairs from This 21.9 MB
416 – Prophet Moses Asking Pharoah to Accept 1 Advice from Him in Return for Getting 4 Great Benefits and Pharoah Asking About them -Moses Explaining 4 Benefits that will be a Recompense for Pharoahs Belief in God 23.3 MB
417 – Woman whose Child climbed up a Hill by the side of a Stream and was in Danger of Falling into it Asking for a Solution from Caliph Ali – Prophet Muhammads Saying that Light of Believer Extinguishes Hellfire 22.6 MB
418 – Debate Between a Believer and an Athiest Philospher who Thinks of Universe as non-Created – Verse from Quran that God has Created Heavens and Earth with Truth – God Revealing to Moses that He is His Friend 20.8 MB
419 – Archabgel Gabrial Asking Prophet Abraham When He was in Fire if He Had Any Need and Him Saying Yes but not from You – Prophet Moses Asking God Why He Creates a Creation then Ends it and God Responding to it 25.6 MB
420 – An Old Witch from Kabul Throwing Magic Spell on Prince who Fell in Love with Her – Divine Acceptance of Kings Prayers for Ending of Magic Spell – Similitude of Prince with Humans and of Old Witch with World 20.8 MB
421 – Saying of Prophet Muhammad PBUH I Seek Forgiveness of God 70 Times Every Day – Imperfect Intelligence Can Go As Far As the Grave Only For Everything Else Guidance from Prophets and Saints is Needed 27.3 MB
422 – Egyptian Asking Israelite to Pray of Him and ISraelite Making a Supplication to God and God Accepting it – Remaining Story of Moses-Hardships Prevailing on Egyptians and Pharoah Seeking Intercession of Moses 24.9 MB
423 – Creations of Hell are Hungry and Pleading for Food – Dhulqarnain Asking Biggest Mountain in World About Qualities of God-Gabriel Appearing to Prophet Muhammad in Real Form and 1 of 700 Wings Covering Horizon 29.1 MB

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