Mathnavi Vol 5-6 ( Urdu Audio Book ) By Maulana Room (r.a)

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(Volumes 5 & 6 of 6) Maulana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi and more popularly in the English-speaking world simply as Rumi (1207-1273 A.D.), was a 13th-century Persian Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi saint. Rumi died in Qonia which is in present day Turkey where his tomb is still thronged by admirers from all over the world. Rumi had been immensely popular in Asia and have now become, since around 1998 A.D., the best selling poet in America. Rumi’s importance is considered to transcend national and ethnic borders and he is today a truly international phenomena. His poems have been widely translated into many of the world’s languages and transposed into various formats. Rumi’s family hailed from Balkh in present day Afghanistan that eventually settled in present day Turkey. Rumi was initially a religious scholar and theologian (a Hanafi Mufti/jurist) who underwent a great spiritual transformation at the hands of a wandering Muslim saint named as Shaykh Shams Tabraizi who received a Divinely inspired spiritual intuition to go to Rumi and be a catalyst of Rumi’s spiritual transformation into intimacy with the Divine. As a result of this profound transformation, Rumi became the “Qutub al-Muhabba” or the “Pole of Divine Love”. His greatest book is “Mathnavi” (complete name “Mathnavi-e-Ma’navi” or “Couplets with Deep Inner Meanings”) which is a 6 volume collection of spiritual poetry in Persian (with Arabic verses widely dispersed in it) imbued with Divine love which by his own admission was Divinely inspired. Mathnavi is the world famous collection of mystical/spiritual poetry steeped in Divine love and gnosis. The themes in Mathnavi are directly inspired by Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). These themes are beautifully explained in parables and stories in a heart-warming way.

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500 – Mathnavi Volume 5 Introduction by Urdu Translator Qazi Sajjad Hussain 9.5 MB 13.8 MB
501 – Rumis Student Husamudeens High Spiritual Station – Unbeliver Eating for 7 Stomachs – 4 Qualities Preventing One from Witnessing the Reality 23.1 MB 22.0 MB
502 – Prayers Fasting Pilgrimage and All Other External Acts Are Evidence of Inner Spiritual Light – Water Purifying all Impurities then God Purifying Water of All Impurities God Being Supreme Embodiment of Purity 22.3 MB
503 – Darkness of Superstitions and Inclinations and Determining Direction of Qibla in that While Having Diiferences of Conjectures and Divers Going in Different Directions at Bottom of Sea -Explanation of a Verse 22.0 MB
504 – No Evil Eye is More Harmful to Man than Self-Righteousness But if Ones Sight Has Been Changed by Light of God then for that God has Said that He Listen and Sees Through Me and Becomes Oblivious to Own Self 23.6 MB
505 – Worldly Skills Intelligence Possessions are Ones Rivals – Those Who Become Oblivious to Their Selves are Safe from their Evil Because they are Annihilated in Subsistence of God and for Such there is no Fear 27.5 MB
506 – Prophet Muhammad Said Have Mercy Especially on 3 Types – Distinguished of a Nation Who Got Humiliated Rich of a Nation Who Became Poor and Scholar Whom Ignorants Make Fun of – Searching for the True Heart 22.6 MB
507 – Explanation of Verse Those You Believe and Perform Righteous Deeds Have a Never-ending Reward – Similitude of Real World that is Visibly non-existant and non-Existant World that is Visibly Existant 16.3 MB
508 – Prophet Muhammads Saying that One Who Consolidated all Worries into One Worry God will be Sufficient for Him But the One Who has variegated Worries God Does not Care in Which Valley he gets Destroyed 21.3 MB
509 – King Questioning Claimant of Prophethood What does One have who is Proven to be True Prophet Will People Find Divine Forgiveness throug His Company Other than Giving Advice-Lover Counting Services to Beloved 21.3 MB
510 – Consequences of Uncontrollable Lust for Carnal Pleasures – Example of Spiritual Guides Advising Their Disciples and Prophets Their Nations-Man of Spiritual Unveilings Seeing in a Dream Unborn Barking Puppies 26.0 MB
511 – Giving of God is not Dependent on Human Capabilities – Before Creation of Adam God Ordered Archangel Gabriel to Go to Earth to Collect Handful of Soil for Creating the Body of the Father of Mankind 25.5 MB
512 – God Telling Angel Izrael Ordered to Collect Soil from Earth for Creating Adams Body that the Eyes that Do not See Means Like Sickness Injury Will Also not Look at Him Since He is Also a Means Not Real Doer 25.2 MB
513 – Whatever is in Story is its Outward But Subtleties Embedded Within are Indescribable – Wisdom Behind Looking at Possessions from Days of Poverty – Meaning of Quranic Verse that Jinns Were created from Fire 38.7 MB
514 – King Telling His Slave Ayaz That He Has full Authority to Either Forgive or Take Revenge from False Accusers – King Ordering Ayaz to Decide Quickly and not Keep People Waiting and Ayaz Excusing Himself 19.2 MB
515 – Gnostics Request to God is Like God Requesting to Himself Because God Said About Gnostic I Become His Eyes Ears Tongue and Hand and God Said When You Threw it was not You Who Threw But It Was God Who Threw 20.1 MB
516 – Donkey Replying to Fox About Trust in God in Matters of Sustenance – Meaning of Trust in God and Story of the Hermit Who Tested Trusting in God for Sustenance by Going Out of Town to a Deserted Place 25.0 MB
517 – Story of Man Who Hid Himself in a Home Because of Fear with Pale Face and Owner Inquiring About it and He Saying Donkeys are Caught Outside for Slave Labor and Owner Asking Why He is Afraid He is not aDonkey 24.1 MB
518 – Tradition of Saint Muhammad Sarrazi Ghaznavi Coming to Ghazni After Many Years and After Divine Injunction Begging from Rich and Distributing Among Poors – Gnostic Who Became Aware of His Disciples Greed 22.0 MB
519 – Story of Bull Who is Alone on a Big Island that God Fills up Every Day with Grass and Flavorful Shrubs so that it will be Enough for Bull till Night-Bull Eats All up by Night but is Still Afraid for Next Day 25.7 MB
520 – Inner Faculties Such as choice or No Choice Anger or Patience are Reality of Human Existance so Denying them is Like Denying the External Senses that in Turn is Denying Inner Faculties and Eventually Truth 24.2 MB
521 – Story of Begger Who Saw Slaves of Ameed Khurasani in Herat as Extremely Well Dressed and Asked Who are these Leaders and Was Told they are Slaves then Prayed O God Learn to Treat Your Slaves Well from Ameed 23.6 MB
522 – Story of Johi Who Covered Up and Sat Among Women and Did Something That a Women Recognized Him to be a Man and Screamed – King Asking Ayaz to Explain Reason for His Attachment to His Old Shoes and Clothes 24.8 MB
523 – Story of Slave of a Wealthy Man and Monk around the time of Jesus – Wealthy Man in Extreme Anger Going to Monk to Punish Him – Story of Joker Who Beat King Shah Tarmaz in Chess-Wealthy Man Beating Monks Door 23.3 MB
524 – King Asking His Slave Ayaz Again to Explain the Secret of His Attachment to His Old Shoes and Clothes in order to Solve Perplexity of Detractors and Deniers Since Leaving People in Doubts is not Good Manners 27.4 MB
525 – A Talebearer Showing Painting of Extermely Beautiful SlaveGirl of King of Mosul to Ruler of Egypt and Ruler Falling in Love with Her and Sending an Army to Mosul and not Refraining from Bloodshed to Get Her 21.3 MB
526 – Ruler of Egypt Came to Know of Dishonesty of His Associate and Decided to Ignore and Forgive Realizing that it Happened Due to Wrong He Did to King of Mosul and if He Decided to Punish then it will Come Back 37.9 MB
600 – Mathnavi Volume 6 Introduction by Urdu Translator Qazi Sajjad Hussain 14.2 MB
601 – Secrets of Soul Its Heavenly Origin and Connection with God – A Questioner Asking a Semonizer About a Bird Sitting Nearby its Head or Tail is Superior and His Reply According to Understanding of Questioner 25.6 MB
602 – Previous Honors are Impediments for True Faith – Seeking Refuge in God from Harms of having Choices in Choosing Right Path Because Heaven and Earth Became Afraid of Responsibilities that Comes with Choices 13.8 MB
603 – Story of Indian Slave Who was Secretly in Love with His Masters Daughter When She was Married to a Rich Man the Slave Fell Ill and no one Understood His Illness and Slave Did not Dare to Say Reason 25.7 MB
604 – Bird Debating with Hunter About Monasticism That Has Been Discouraged by Prophet Muhammad who Said There is no Monasticism in Islam – Guard who Remained Silent While Thiefs Looted Caravan and Screamed Later 20.7 MB
605 – Lover who Arrived in Beloveds Home on Promise of Meeting and After Some Time Fell Asleep-Beloved Came Found Him Asleep Put Some Walnuts in His Pocket and Left Him Asleep and Meaning Behind This Story 29.4 MB
606 – Similitude of a Greedy Person Who Cannot See Treasures of Providence and Mercy of God with that of an Ant Who is Making Great Efforts for One Grain from a Huge Pile of Grains and is Excited and Trembling 27.2 MB
607 – Prophet Muhammad Advising Abu Bakr to Buy Bilal from His Master to Liberate Him from Imprisonment and Torture and Forewarning that Master will Increase Price and He Wants to be a Partner in Bilals Liberation 25.2 MB
608 – Hilal Getting Sick and Master Not Aware of it Due to Not Knowing His True Worth and Prophet Muhammad Becoming Aware -Jesus Walked on Water and Muhammad Said if Certitude Increased He Would Have Walked in Air 27.0 MB
609 – Return to the Story of the Sick Man – Story of Hindu Slave and Sultan Mahmood – Prophet Muhammad PBUH Said Those Who are Gone are not Grievious of Death But of Lost Opportunities – Story of Sufi and Judge 34.1 MB
610 – Judge Getting Upset With Sick Beggars Slap and Sufi Castigating Judge for that – Judge Responding to Sufi – Explanation of Prophet Muhammads Saying God Advises Listeners Thru Preachers According to Capacity 28.7 MB
611 – Being Patient with Grief of a Story is Better that Patience on Separation from a Friend – A Gnostic Asking a Priest Are You Older than Your Beard or Vice Versa – Begger Who Sought Sustenance Without Effort 23.1 MB
612 – Conclusion of Beggars Story and Finding Location of Treasure – News Reaching the King About the Treasure – King Becoming Despair of Finding Treasure and Returning Treasure Map Back to Beggar 13.4 MB
613 – Story of Saint Abul Hasan Kharqanis Disciple – Disciple Asking Saints Wife About Him and She Giving an Inappopriate Response – Disciple Rebuking Her for Insulting Talk – Him Searching Around for the Saint 27.8 MB
614 – Miracle of Prophet Hood at Time of Unbearable Winds to Save Believers – Return to the Story of Begger and Treasure – After Lot of Sufferings Seeker of Treasure Returning to Pleading God To Reveal the Hidden 32.7 MB
615 – Story of Camel Bull and Lamb Who Found Grass that Everyone Wanted to Eat then Decided that Oldest One will Get to Eat – Story to Explain the Evil of Self Serving and Self Conceited in Guise of their Goodness 37.7 MB
616 – Mouse Presuading Toad to not Think of Excuses to Put off His Need to a Later Day Because Delay Carries with it Troubles and Sufi is Son of Time His Father is Time who Looks After and Does not Let Him Suffer 34.1 MB
617 – Return to Story of Mouse Seeking Toad on River Bank Who Pulled String Tying Its Feet to that of Toad so it Becomes Aware of its Calling – Story of Man Who Took Loans Counting on Generosity of Judge of Tabriz 25.3 MB
618 – Traveller Knowing of Death of Judge from Tabriz and Seeking Forgiveness of God from Relying on a Creation of His and Remembering Blessings of God and Repenting-Person who Sees Multiplicity Instead of Oneness 23.2 MB
619 – A Goat Running Away from Prophet Moses and His Kindness Towards it – Khwarizm Shah Spotting a Beautiful Swift Horse in His Entourage and Emadul Mulk Making it Insignificant in Shahs Eyes Adopting His Views 24.4 MB
620 – Return to Story of Sultan Horse and Imadul Mulk and King Becoming Embarrassed – Return to Story of Helper and Man in Debt and His Coming Back from Grave of Generous Judge and Helper Seeing Judge in Dream 20.8 MB
621 – Intimate of God or Gnostic Attaining Divine Help from Fountain of Eternal Life and Becoming Oblivious to Attaining Help from Untrustworthy Temporal Sources as they Deviate One from Fountains of Eternal Life 25.3 MB
622 – Princes Seeing the Beautiful Portrait of Daughter of King of China in Fortress and Falling Unconscious and Getting into Turmoil and Struggling to Find the Person in Portrait – Story of Sadar Jahan of Bukhara 31.7 MB
623 – After Debate Princes Setting Forth on Journey to China with Objective of Getting Close to their Beloved Although Path to Meet Beloved was Shut Since its Good to be Close to Ones Objective as Much as Possible 24.5 MB
624 – After Staying and Hiding in Chinese Capital for Long Oldest Prince Becoming Impatient and Deciding to Turn Himself Over to King of China and Younger Brothers Strongly Advusing Againt it as it will be Useless 21.2 MB
625 – Explanation of Prophet Muhammads Saying that Truth is a Source of Satisfaction and Lie Leads to Doubt – Judge Narrating His Dream to Foreigner Informing Him about Hidden Treasure in His Own House Back Home 24.4 MB
626 – Judge Falling in Love with Johis Wife and Hiding in a Box and His Deputy Buying that Box to Rescue Him and She Coming Back After a Year in Hope of Deceiving Him Like Last Year and Judge Asking Her to Go Away 22.5 MB
627 – Returning to Story of Oldest Prince Who Got Employed by King – King Honoring and Bestowing Bounties -Second Prince Coming to Funeral of Oldest Prince and King Honoring Him and Bestowing Great Spiritual Gifts 26.4 MB
628 – Self Delusion in Second Princes Heart About Kings Bounties as His Own Right Instead of Being Largesse of King and Deciding to Rebel Against Him and Knowing it Through Spiritual Intuition and Feeling Hurt 25.8 MB
629 – Conclusion of Mathnavi by Maulana Jalaluddin Rumis Son the Gnostic and Spiritually Perfected Maulana Bahauddin and Rumis Prediction that an Spiritually Illumined Person Will Complete the Mathnavi 6.5 MB
630 – Conclusion of Mathnavi as Predicted by Rumi by Maulana Ilahi Bakhsh Kandehlavi -3 Lazy Brothers Narrating Their Stories of Laziness to Judge and Seeking His Judgment on Who Deserves Their Fathers Inheritance 22.6 MB
631 – Conclusion of Mathnavi as Predicted by Rumi by Maulana Kandehlavi – Returning to Story of Dervish and this Man Firmly Rooted in Truth Returning from this World – Finishing Story of 3 Princes Started by Rumi 33.5 MB
632 – Conclusion of Mathnavi as Predicted by Rumi by Maulana Kandehlavi – Some Examples of How Worldly Things Are Opposites of Whats Real-Spiritual Illumination of Rumi That Becomes Fire Burning Lower Self-The End 32.9 MB


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