Abu Hanifa’s High Rank In Hadith (Makaanat Al-Imaam Abi Hanifa Fi Al-Hadith) Trans By Dr. Sadi Kose

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Version 1 [1.8 MB]

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  1. Assalamu alaikum.

    I have read the story of Abu Hanifa (80-160 A.H.) written by Muhammad Zahra and Shibli. I looked for any book he wrote and left as posterity but never found any. For example we have Risala and Musnad of Imam Shafi’i etc. I have also read about some of his judgements in Shiblis book. We should understand that no scholar covered all what is needed today, probably save Imam Ahmad Hanbal from his 28,000 Ahadith collections. In their time due to massive illiteracy a quote of one hadith makes one a scholar.
    I believe we should encourage correcting our mistakes today and forgot all except the Holy Apostle and his Sahabas. It is better we respect those alive and are in a position to correct our mistakes. Today is the age when youths are explaining Islam – the Sunnah – a revrsal. Today is the age when Arab scholars are cutting across the Sunnah in emphasising ‘tayassar’ making the Sunnah easy to understanding for example saying one recites short verses and 3 ayats in salaat.


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