Bidah according to the four Madhhabs By Dr. Sadi Kose

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Version 1 [9.4 MB]

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  1. We should understand what the Holy Apostle explained in the Holy Qur’an and what he left behind for us to explain from the text through derivation. The most important explanation of the Holy Apostle is his Sunnah hat is not followed by those scholars we keep on mentioning and adorning. I believe the Sahabas never prayed the obligatory prayers but according to the Sunnah. Today 3.0mllion Muslims will converge in Makka but no one observes the obligatory prayers according to the Sunnah. The Holy Apostle clears this issue that the difference between a disbeliever and a believer is in observing the obligatory prayers. I do not know how you observe yours. It is better to know how to pray then to waste your time on sheikhs who innovate in Islam.
    Read: Aqeedat al- Mu’min by Al-Jazaa’irii


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