Do Salafis Really Follow the Daleel By Dr. Sadi Kose

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  1. There is truth in one becoming a disbeliever sticking to only one source of Ibadat. In practical terms look at how the scholars are demonstrating how to observe prayer in U-tubes and on Fridays from North African countries and the Ahmadiyya mosque in London. Is this the manner and way demonstrated by the Holy Apostle? It is only Imam Ahmad 27850 Ahadith that contain the details on as-salat. Which Imam following his mazhaba prays as he described from his ahadith? Secondly imagine the controversy in beginning and end of Ramadan fast, not to talk on the caliphate.
    The most dangerous state of the Muslim Umma is the current books by scholars eliminating fundamental issues on the Sunna. I have just read one ‘Fiqh Muyassir’ by a reknowned Arab scholar decapitating every detail.
    I am helping in that and my books are available on I am not against briefs but against removing daleel and ‘illa.
    Dr. Kose, do you that up to today the Muslim does not know the meaning of zawal?


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