The Path of Moderation By Shaykh Mufti Abd Al Qayyum Rajkauti

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  1. From the bookof the Path of Moderation.

    Maulana MuhammadIlyas Sahib asked this very important question to his contemporaries in India1369 A.H.:-

    SupposingMuhammad Rasuullah were to come into the world today, which work will he adopt?

    Hadrat SayyidiMaula’i replied, “The Holy Apostle will turn away from everything andfocus on repairing this dilapidated palace. When the Holy Apostle used to be sorestless and be pained over the conditions of outsiders (those yet tounderstand him), what must his feelings be over the conditions of his followers?”

    While I do not knowthe condition of the Muslim Umma in India 1369 AH., I am sure it is no betterthan today. I doubt if the Holy Apostle can ever achieve anything today in convincinghe Muslim Umma of their wrongs, for that is available in his Ahadith books. Thework the Holy Apostle will do is to abolish all names coined into Islam andestablish the as-salat, but will never achieve that. Is there any differencebetween the physical presence of the Holy Apostle and his Ahadith? If he has tobe present it that not concomitant to the status of the then Bani Israel to thesaying o the then children of Israel to Prophet Musa (AS), 2:55″We shallnever believe in you until we see Allah plainly)” and in 17:92, “Oryou bring Allah and he angels before us face to face.”  For example tomorrow is Friday the Day mimickingstanding in front of Allah that will be concluded before zawal an kabd. But themajority of the Muslim Umma will tomorrow assemble for that occasion after zawalan kabd.  Is the Muslim Umma not sayingthat they will never follow the Sunnah until they see Muhammad face to face?


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