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Muhammad Bin Qasim – The Young Commander of Islam

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Aadaabul Muaasharat – Etiquettes of social life By By Shaykh Ashraf ali Thanvi (r.a)

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About The Book
Muaasharat (Etiquettes) or social conduct the way the Muslim has to behave in society is the subject matter of the book “Aadaabul Muaasharat” Etiquettes of social Life, written by a most popular scholar Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rah). The Book is presented in simple form and has been prepared for every muslim, of whatever walk of life.
All advices contained in the book are based on the Holy Quran and Ahadeeth. Everything in the book is for practical expression, without practical adoption of Islamic Muaasharat, the culture of the Quran & Sunnah is not possible.

Muslim Way of Life (Combination of Four Books) By Shaykh Ashraf ali Thanvi (r.a)

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This is a combination of four books written by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi which are brief but comprehensive, useful and easy to understand:

  • Rights of Islam
  • Rights of Parents
  • Etiquettes of social living (Aadab Al-Mu’aasharat)
  • Common Errors of People (Aghlaat Al-Awwam)

Islamic Legal Maxims, Based on Al-Karkhi’s Al Usul Al-Nasafii

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The work of the great Classical Jurist Imam Abu’l Hasan al-Kharki, has been beautifully translated into English (although the  Print quality does not do justice to such an excellent work)
Abu’l-Hasan al-Karkhi: A Hanafi faqih who wrote al-Usul. d. 340H, He is among those who is known as al-Mujtahidin Fi’l Masa’il , He was a contemporary o Imam Ibn Majah, Abu Daud, Timidhi and Nasa’i.

Imam Ahmad bin Ismail bin Muhammad bin Luqman al-Hanafi whose title was Mufti al-Thaqalayn Najmuddin Abu Hafs al-Nasafi , he died in 537 AH  in Samarqand 

The Beneficial Message – The Definitive Proof In The Study Of Theology By Shaykh Muhammad Salih Farfur, Wesam Charkawi (translator)

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The Beneficial Message: The Definitive Proof In The Study Of Theology (Risala an-Nafi’a wa Hujatul Qadi’a fi ‘Ilm at-Tawhid) – A detailed work on Islamic Creed. The layout of this publication presents the Arabic text of Risala an-Nafi’a wa Hujatul Qadi’a fi ‘Ilm at-Tawhid immediately followed by its translation into English. Generally, after the English translation, supplementary notes have been translated and added from various other sources from Ahl as-Sunnah wal-Jam’a including:

1. Kitab Sharh as-Awi ‘Ala Jawhar at-Tawhid by Imam of jurisprudence (fiqh), scholar of scholars Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Maliki as Sawi (1175-1241).

2. Al-Aqida al-Islamiyya completed in 1385 AH by Abdur Rahman Hasan Habannaka.

3. Minah ar-Rawd al-Azhar (Gift f Blossoming Garden – explanation of Imam Abdu Hanifa’s Al-Fiqh al-Akbar) by Ali ibn Sultan Muhammad al-Qari (1014).

4. Al-Aqida al-Islamiyya by Mustafa al-Khin and Muhyiddin Misu .

5. Daw al-Ma’ali li Ba’ al-Amali (Qari’s commentary on Abu al-Hasan Siraj al-Din Ali ibn Uthman al-Ushi’s Bad’ al-Amali)

Differences between varying schools are also explored.

Translation & Notes by Wesam Charkawi (translator of Nur al-Idah)

The author, Shaykh Muhammad Salih Farfur (born in Damascus in 1901 and died 1986) was renowned for his piety, knowledge and diligence in the pursuit of educating others who sought knowledge. He founded the famously known institute in Syria known as Al-Fatih, graduating students by the thousands as well as a specific branch of the school for females. This text is currently taught in Al-Fatih Syria and other Islamic institutes world-wide. The format of this text is such that it presents the Arabic followed by its translation.

The Influence of Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi By Dr.Muhammad Iqbal

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Bahauddin Naqshband (r.a) – A Central Asian Sufi

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