Ahl e Haq – http://www.ahlehaq.com/
Al-Amin Audio – http://www.talksofdeen.com/
Al Ittehaad – http://www.alittehaad.com/
Al-Sharia – http://www.alsharia.org/
Ashrafiya.org – www.ashrafiya.org
Darsequran & Hadith (Maulana Muhammad Aslam Shaykhupuri) – http://www.darsequran.com/
Deen e Islam – http://www.deeneislam.com/
Defenders of Truth – www.thedefendersoftruth.com
Hajjatul Wada’ – http://www.hajjatulwada.com/
Fatwa at Deen e Islam – http://fatwa.deeneislam.com/index.php
Nafees Library – http://nafeeslibrary.org/
Sahabah.info – http://www.sahabah.info/
Shaykh Sarfraz Safdar Khan –
Maulana Abdul Hameed Sawati – http://www.abdulhameedsawati.org/


One comment

  1. dear kindly delete the link of shaykh sarfaraz safdar khan as when someone click on this web it take you to a porn website, being a pious and learned sheikh website it hurt my heart to come across with such situation.. please delete or rectify this link…thanks


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